Teen Pregnancy Statistics at Record Low

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported the 2013 preliminary data on birth rates in the US by the National Center for Health Statistics and the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), a biennial survey reporting on health behaviors of youth. Combined the reports made two major announcements regarding teen birthrates and teen sexual activity: The 2013 preliminary birthrate for teenagers age 15-19 was 26.6 births per 1000 women, down 10% from 2012 (29.4), down 36% from 2007 (41.5) and down 57% since 1991 (61.8).1Most teens have never had sex. The current rate is down 13% since 1991 when the YRBS began, from 54.1 to 46.8.2 Other Key findings for teen … [Continue reading]

Megan Alexander on Remaining a Virgin Until Married

Photo: Inside Edition It's another success story worth sharing from CBS Inside Edition host, Megan Alexander, who waited until marriage and hope her story would encourage "girls and guys to think highly of themselves, treat one another with respect and approach dating and marriage thoughtfully." Their willingness to expose themselves will certainly inspire many and enable us to learn what they've done right to approach marriage in the best way possible. Among many things she mentioned, there are five things that I believe are critical to her success. Faith Having a strong faith can be a great motivator to remember the real purpose of waiting. It's something greater than … [Continue reading]