Bethany Hamilton Story: “The Only Guy I’ve Ever Kissed”

Bethany Hamilton is probably more known from the news of her losing arm due to a shark attack while she was surfing in the waters off Makua Beach on Kauai’s North Shore at age 13. But her name is actually also worth mentioning here as a positive role model for anyone who wants to wait to save sex for marriage. Now 24 and newly married, Bethany released a new book, . In it, she tries to reach out to young girls and to advise them to respect their own body and soul. And according to Bethany, one way to respect one's body is by way of saving oneself for marriage. "I think growing up I was blessed to have parents that stayed together, and have that husband and wife image of I want an … [Continue reading]

Teen Pregnancy Statistics at Record Low in 2013

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported the 2013 preliminary data on birth rates in the US by the National Center for Health Statistics and the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), a biennial survey reporting on health behaviors of youth. Combined the reports made two major announcements regarding teen birthrates and teen sexual activity: The 2013 preliminary birthrate for teenagers age 15-19 was 26.6 births per 1000 women, down 10% from 2012 (29.4), down 36% from 2007 (41.5) and down 57% since 1991 (61.8).1Most teens have never had sex. The current rate is down 13% since 1991 when the YRBS began, from 54.1 to 46.8.2 Other Key findings for teen … [Continue reading]

Keep It Above the Belt

No touching below the belt rule

I am a 20-year old female college student. I have always desired to remain abstinent until marriage and fully intend to keep that promise to myself and to God. My boyfriend is a 27-year old professional who lives in a remote town and is very … [Continue reading]

The Moves

by J. Budziszewski This Office Hours column is the conclusion to "Who's on First?", (May 13, 2002), which should be read first. You can read the original column here. "So does anything work?", Mark was saying. "What are the moves of … [Continue reading]